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Mobile services

I mostly work with children aged from 4 to 12 years of age, on a 1 to 1 basis and occasionally with adolescents. I can also work with small groups of children, if the level of difficulty allow for this. Example: peer relations or low self-esteem.

I offer a flexible mobile service, providing weekly play therapy sessions in school settings and other organisations. Sometimes play therapy can be arranged at the child's home.

I am based in North London, NW7 and am able to travel within a 40 mile radius of here, provided there is parking avialable at the destination.

On average episodes of therapy are about 16 - 18 sessions (meeting once a week). Sometimes they may be less or possibly more, depending on the circumstances . Reviews are at 7 weeks. I also aim to liaise with school staff to keep up to date with changes in the child's behaviour at school.

I provide all tool kit mediums and materials, with the cost of materials included in the session fee.

For schools and organisations:

  • I provide a no obligation initial meeting to discuss possible referrals, therapeutic requirements and schedules.
  • I provide and assemble all relevant assessment documentation: Placement agreement, referral documents, plus pre and post strengths and difficulties questionnaires for Teacher, Parent and Child, plus Parent / Carer consent.
  • A suitable safe private room with consistent content needs to be provided.
  • My aim is to work closely with the child’s immediate support network, of School Staff and Parents, offering advice and strategies where appropriate.

Parental / Carer CONSENT must be obtained before play therapy commences.

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